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And Now We Sleep...

Stephanie Ryan

Certified Infant Sleep Consultant

Who am I?  

I was born and raised in Miramichi.  I have a Bachelor of Education, but decided to become a stay at home mother when I had my first child.  I enjoy poetry, reading, white wine, music and running.  I have two (very well rested) children and my husband is a Physical Education teacher.   

Why Did I Become A Sleep Consultant?

The decision to become a sleep consultant was born from the incredible success I achieved from sleep training my son.  He is my second child, and as a baby, he was extremely fussy.  He would only sleep for short periods at a time.  He cried nonstop.  He always seemed uncomfortable and unhappy. We took him to every medical professional available.  My mental health was a wreck.  Our family was exhausted and unable to enjoy the amazing benefits of having a new baby.  Out of sheer desperation, I reached out to a sleep consultant in Moncton.  It was an absolute miracle, because within 3 nights, my son was sleeping.  He was an entirely different baby!  Contact me for a free consultation...Sleep is on the way!

My Philosophy

As a sleep consultant, you will be placing your trust in me to pass on my knowledge and assist you in developing  safe and healthy sleep strategies for you and your family.  

I truly believe that our bodies and minds need to be well rested in order to meet our parenting goals to their full extent.  The connection between sleep and mental health is absolutely incredible and it is my job to ensure that your family is fully equipped with the materials and confidence to achieve sleep.  We will assess your child's sleep environment, create sustainable routines and schedules, address any caregiver associations and implement a sleep plan.  We've got this mama! 

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